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Human Hair Product Knowledge

Hair Textures to Choose From

Eastern Indian Hair

Eastern Indian Hair is one of the best types of hair on the market.  It is equivalent to a light body texture but it has a natural wave on its own. This hair works great to flat iron silky straight or towel dry and have great hair movement. I use this hair for most of my designs for both men and women. Eastern Indian hair is very durable. Even if you wish to perm hair into a deep wave, this hair works best because it naturally has a wave motion on it's own resulting in much less chemical process time and giving you healthier hair and longer wear time. Sometimes you can find Eastern Indian hair that has a natural mixture of body wave or curl. That's Great!

Yaki Hair

Well, Yaki hair is just that! Hair from a Yak. Now, I know that many wig vendors out the are saying that they are selling 100% Virgin Yaki Hair. Well that only tells me that they don't know what Yaki is. Now, just in case you as a consumer does not know what Yaki is, it's Hair From a YAK. A yak is an animal in relation to the bovine family (Cow, see picture of a Yak to the). This animal lives in the high mountains of Asia and has been domesticated for the purpose of growing their coat/hair and then harvested for consumer products such as wigs made with "YAKI" hair. This hair must be chemically treated before it can be brought into the U.S.A. So again, you are not getting virgin hair but chemically treated hair that has also been colored to a desired shade. One thing about Yaki hair is that I can spot a person wearing it from across the room. You see, the diameter of the hair shaft is thicker on a Yak than of Human Hair. This hair is heavy, hot, and does hang well for that long hair effect much like a wig you would see on Elvira "Mistress Of The Dark". It's cheap hair and that is why many wig vendors will recommend this to cut their cost. I DONT!!

Asian Hair

Asian Hair is very strong and thick hair (and for the most part, Straight Hair). It is great for that long, Silky look. This hair handles Chemical process such as Blond Hair Coloring quite well. However, this is not good hair for perming into shape, it is naturally straight and best when left at that. If wave or curl or even body is needed, it is best to use Eastern Indian hair.

African Texture Hair

African texture hair can be created using either animal (Yaki) hair or you can make it the way we do it, using ONLY ASIAN REMY and then we run it through a chemical process to give this hair the look of African Textured hair that has been relaxed straight. This is a special process we proudly offer you. We never use any animal hair on any of our hair systems because many people are allergic to certain animals and could have a serious reaction to the fur/hair of a Yaki (cow). Our African texture hair is absolutely Fabulous!

Remi Hair

The word Remi means that the Hair cuticle is still intact. Human hair has three layers: The Cuticle, The Cortex, and the Madula. The big fad right now is to try and purchase Remi hair. The down side to wearing Remi/remy hair is that later as the hair gets older, the cuticle will have a "Fish Scale" look to it and will start to tangle. Sometimes making it difficult to comb out!

Advantages to Remi Hair

It Can still be re-colored or permed if you want later

Disadvantages of Remi Hair

The hair will tangle much faster than others! Sometimes wig makers sew parts of hair upside down, and the other hair's right side up. Now the cuticle is facing up in some areas, and facing down in the others causing hair to get caught like fish hooks would do facing opposite directions. This causes the hair to tangle immediately. This cannot be corrected!.. All our hair systems are sent to our QUALITY ASSURANCE person to test for correct cuticle direction and correct color process as well as assuring excellent quality on over all process of hair system. Final process is shampoo and chemically seal all the knots before it is shipped out to our client.